PVC Decks

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Enjoy Your Deck Without All The Work

Consider a PVC deck installation in Midlothian or Richmond, VA

Many traditional home addition materials come with a few caveats. Natural wood can rot and needs to be resealed occasionally. Weeds can grow through stone pavers and ruin the appeal of your patio. If you want an outdoor living space that doesn't need constant care and attention, consider a PVC deck.

Made of recyclable plastic materials, PVC decks are strong, durable and long-lasting. Deck Innovators can design a custom plastic deck installation for your home to give you the look you want with a material that will look great for decades.

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3 reasons to choose PVC

Not sure what material to use for your deck? Choose PVC because:

  1. It's more scratch-, mold- and fade-resistant than other decking materials
  2. You can create a custom look without the hassle of staining or painting
  3. PVC decks are built from recycled materials, reducing your impact on the environment
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